25 Dec 2016

Close By Doctor – Android App

CloseByDoctor – Medical Emergency App

Close by Doctors applications’ mission is to connect you with surrounding medical clinics via your android phones or iphone or ipad. We have created a system that suitable for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Project Detail

We completely understand how you feel about sports. It is not a hobby. It is your passion!

It’s how you spend some of your time….or for some of us…all of our time… We get it, and that is why we developed SportsFling. The app and website for all the ways you enjoy sports.

Get your game on
SportsFling is the only app and website that helps you manage your sports activities whether you chose to watch or play. On the field. Behind a screen. On the sideline calling the shots. Whether you’re a player, a spectator, a coach, or all of the above, SportsFling lets you do you what love in an easier and more organized way.

Find a pick-up game near you. Or add a missing player.
Looking for a tennis partner? Trying to get up some three-on-three hoops? Missing a catcher for the finals? No problem! SportsFling helps you put the word out to your own community, AND dozens of new players in your vicinity. You determine the distance and the timing, and SportsFling posts your request.
Who’s your favorite team? Choose a hangout filled with your fellow fans.

Fans cheer better when they cheer together. SportsFling tells you how many of your team’s fans are watching the game within whatever radius you choose. Want a full-on towel waving crowd? Or just a few like-minded supporters? Pick your team and SportsFling will show you how many of your people are at bars or restaurants near you so you can all cheer together.

Manage your team on any device
You are the one who runs the show with coaching or managing your teams. Now you can have all the control and organizational power that you need on your phone. SportsFling lets you juggle starting lineups, schedule games, build playbooks and shuffle practice dates — all from any device. And your players can use it to send out and receive information thus eliminating the need for endless emails back and fourth.